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We are NKL

Product Development and Engineering Professionals 

Based in Shenzhen, China

Mobile Devices projects are never easy, especially in China. Requirements are not met, communication with vendors is tough, lots of quality and financial risks, deadlines are missed and money wasted...well, our job is to make all things work, and most importantly to make people work!

We have our own advanced testing lab where we put under scrutiny all major components including Battery, Charger, LCD, PCBA, Touch Panel, Radio interfaces  We create a claim list based on our tests and compel vendors to make necessary improvements. We test again and again, until  we achieve the desired result

Local in Shenzhen

We are based in Shenzhen and enjoy control over the supply chain

Own Hardware Lab

We have our own lab with all the necessary equipment and skills

Take Responsibility

We take responsibility for you projects and treat them as our own

Effective Management

Rigorous Project management with strict delivery and supplier control

Trusted Partner

We have a reputation for being honest and reliable partner you can trust